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A Cause Worth Fighting For

There are approximately 50 million people today stuck in trafficking. (Global Slavery Index)

There are over 1,091,000 trafficked people in the United States. (Global Slavery Index)

These facts, along with others, provide inspiration for SWLA Abolitionists to keep fighting to put an end to modern slavery. As members of our community, we work hard to combat human trafficking on every level. More specifically through:

  • Awareness: Speakers from our group set up talks with local churches, schools, law students, hotel managers, social workers, organizations, law enforcement, teachers and anyone else interested to educate our community about the realities of modern slavery. This helps the public to become knowledgeable so they can look for signs and act on behalf of slavery victims. We want to expand and have more people do this. Contact us, if you're interested.
  • Prevention: Our teams connect people to valuable resources and train abolitionists in the southwest Louisiana community to enable them to spot victims of trafficking. We educate students, adults and everyday people and share our resources with similar organizations in order to prevent the spread of modern-day slavery.
  • Rescue/Provide A Pathway: We actively work to rescue those currently trapped in human trafficking situations. Group members help to monitor websites and hotspots for known trafficking and pass along any acquired tips to local and national law enforcement. We also work with local organizations and ministries that help the most vulnerable in our society.
  • Restoration: Our passionate members do not stop with awareness. We help those who have experienced human trafficking firsthand. We connect survivors to social services and work to provide support opportunities and connections. 

"We found out that slavery was not just in our history books, but that it was still around and bigger than ever before. That shocked us, broke our hearts and urged us to help end it. Right now, there are roughly 45 million people stuck in modern-day slavery/human trafficking. These people are bought and sold like cattle, but they are treated much worse than any animal.

It's not just happening in India or Asia either. More than a million are in the United States. Children are being sold online and on our street corners for rape. Adults are being forced to work in our agriculture fields under violence, sexual abuse and are sometimes chained.

We refuse to let things stay this way. We have seen the results of good people standing up. We know that we can end it. In fact, if we could get just 15% of Americans to care and really get active in the fight against slavery, every single human trafficking victim would have an advocate fighting for them. That, my friends, would change things."

Make a Difference

We believe that your involvement matters. The more people that join us, the more awareness spreads and we begin to take strides against modern-day slavery. To get involved, reach out to us today.

If you or someone you know may be a victim of human trafficking, please call the human trafficking hotline at

1-888-373-7888 or text “info” or “help” to 233733.

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