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The Axios Home

Axios is an ancient Greek exclamation of praise declaring one "worthy of" or "of value".We couldn't think of a better name for what we envision this home to be. We want to fill our house guests with so much hope and show them their value. 

Axios is a home for up to four women, 17 or older coming out of sex trafficking or sexual exploitation. We will teach them life skills, help them obtain jobs, ID's, a sense of normalcy and a community of people who care about them. 

The House will be overseen by a survivor of human trafficking. There will be female volunteers, below her, who are survivors of trafficking and other types of abuse. This will help our clients relate and trust our staff more easily. 

Guests will be offered a place to stay, for at least 3 months, given they continue to follow the house guidelines. Extended stays are approved by the house staff.

In order to make this work, we need YOUR help. Will you consider sowing into the lives of these women? Help us feed hope, worth and love into them by signing up to give monthly towards Axios. You can do this by clicking the donate button below!

*We would LOVE to come speak to your group, church, club or friends about Axios and how you can help!