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Give so we can be there for those who need us the most.  

What Your Monthly Gift Can Do:


Provides a month's supply of one of the following: HT Local Hotline Cards with the hotline and some signs of HT or our Student cards with ht signs for middle school and highschool as well as local examples. 


Provides hygiene products and dollar store clothes for a woman as soon as she exits exploitation. 


Allows us to place a social media ad for a week to reach up to 2k with awareness.


Provides gas for one trip to take a trafficked person to a trafficking shelter. 


Provides a night in a hotel for a recent escapes survivor until we can find a restoration home with an empty bed.


Provides all the materials we need to do 2-3 awareness tables or presentations a month. 

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Thank you for considering sending SWLA Abolitionists a donation. Whether it's $25, $100, or $1000, we are grateful. Our only goal is to rid our world of this injustice and any trace of it outside of our history. On this page, you'll see our past accomplishments and our future goals. We are ready to do this! The only thing stopping this modern day slavery from ending is our inaction. With your help, SWLA can be slave free.

Some of our wins...

  • We helped pass a state law setting a minimum age, for marriage, in Louisiana.
  • We had a restoration home, in SWLA, that helped 12 women.
  • 50 local individuals rescued, medical help, clothes, food, shelter, counseling and other services annually.  
  • Given intel to local law enforcement that has led to a raid on a local house brothel and on a national child trafficking sting.

  • We've been able to speak to groups of social workers, law students, hotel managers, politicians and tens of thousands people all over the nation. We have set up awareness tables at flea markets, churches, fall festivals, professional plays and at many more events. We have an annual human trafficking seminar in Lake Charles.

  • We have passed out tens of thousands of cards with the National Human Trafficking Hotline and thousands of pamphlets with more information on trafficking.

  • We've given out numerous awareness DVDS to teachers at local schools.

  • We've pushed and passed Louisiana's Safe Harbor Bill, which protects trafficked children from prostitution charges. 

  • We've helped with passing numerous national anti-trafficking laws like the TVPRA, the Trafficking in Government Contracts Act, End Modern Slavery Initiative Act and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act.

  • Abolitionists in our area have put on awareness walks, seminars and 5Ks to raise awareness and funds.

  • We have helped write a resolution on human trafficking, which passed at the 2013 Louisiana Baptist Convention meeting.

  • We brought Caged No More to Cinemark Lake Charles to spread awareness through over 600 people firsthand and countless more secondhand. It's now out on DVD and we have done screenings for churches and we will continue to do so.

  • We've reached over 8 million people with awareness.

  • We protested Wendy's for changing their source, for tomatoes, from Florida to fields in Mexico where child slavery, sexual assault and violence thrives.

  • Laura Aranda, one of our former board members, wrote two fictional novels and basic training course on human trafficking.

  • We convinced a local Casino and Resort property to look into trafficking on site and hire new employees to curve their trafficking problem

  • We had a billboard up, on I-10, with the National Human Trafficking Hotline and Textline for a full year.

  • We helped a survivor in Long Island. 

  • We have trained 75 DARE officers in Louisiana.

  • We helped get a survivor out of prison and into a restoration home. 

Thank you for the thoughts, signatures, prayers, volunteering and donations. We could not do this without you guys!

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