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Give To Freedom

Standing Up Against Human Trafficking

SWLA Abolitionists is made up of people in southwest Louisiana dedicated to fighting human trafficking through awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration. Our goal is to spread awareness on a local level through communities and relevant institutions. We aim to battle the notion that modern slavery only takes place in third world countries. We hope to give our local community a better understanding of the issue and how close it could be to them. Our passionate team also works to connect (and recruit) local abolitionists and serve as social advocates for victims and their families.

Stand Up With Us

Abolition Coin

Many people are unaware that slavery still exists and human rights are violated in the United States and beyond. We take it upon ourselves to provide people with a better idea of what human trafficking entails, and act as a valuable resource for those interested in fighting for this cause. Anybody can become an abolitionist – we welcome anyone from the Lake Charles. Sulphur, Westlake, Moss Bluff, DeQuincy, Singer, Fields, DeRidder and other areas of Southwest Louisiana. If you are interested in becoming involved – or if you have your own human trafficking story, reach out to us today.

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