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Fair Trade vs. Free Trade

Fair Trade

What if I told you that the everyday products you buy have the power to bring life or death to millions of people? Products of happiness or sorrow, which would you choose?

There are everyday injustices that we can fuel or wipe out. Terrible statistics like that 22,000 kids die daily from poverty related causes or that children as young as 7 years old are forced to work under some of the worst conditions imaginable harvesting our chocolate and coffee.

We can change those numbers. It's already being done. A few years ago, it was 25,000 kids dying daily due to poverty related causes. Companies are starting to slowly change how the people at the bottom of their supply chain are treated. People are demanding that companies become Fair Trade Certified. It costs us pennies extra, but it means life or death for those in the poorest countries.

In fact, if just every church attendee bought just ONE Fair Trade product, it would lift one million families, in the global south, out of poverty, for one whole year. How cool is that!?! For more information, please check out Fair Trade USA.

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