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Hotels/motels are a hotspot for human trafficking activity. Traffickers stay there with victims while transporting them to their destinations. Some "employees" may be forced to work there without pay. Trafficking victims may be forced to see "johns" at hotel rooms. As a matter of fact, most pictures that were featured in ads selling people on Backpage (Before the FBI shut them down) were taken inside of local hotel/motel rooms.

It's a fact that trafficking goes on in local hotels and casinos. We don't want to shame the business, we want to show them how to rid themselves of the problem. As a matter of fact, publicizing that a hotel cares enough about their community to train their employees to keep their guests safe would only boost their business. We would like to train the employees on how to spot trafficking and what to do once spotted. There are specific signs that each employee can look out for. We recommend that every hotel/motel take the necessary steps to prevent their business from being used by traffickers. Studies show that with trafficking, come higher rates of other crimes as well.

We encourage local hotels/motels to contact us for a meeting to discuss the best way for their hotel/motel to help stop children and adults from being sold inside of their rooms. We offer discretion and professionalism with everything that we do, unless requested otherwise by hotel management.

Louisiana hotels are now required, by law, to post the National Human Trafficking Hotline Flyer in their employees' break rooms.

To host one of our hotel trainings, please email us.

Hotel Customers

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There is a new smartphone app that allows the general public to use their hotel stay to fight human trafficking. TraffickCam asks you a few questions about your hotels, requests that you take pictures of certain spots in your hotel room and upload the pictures. The pictures are then compared to pictures

featured in ads on websites that allow the sale of people. Once pictures are matched, law enforcement can pinpoint victims and bring rescue. Search for TraffickCam and download it today!

"While working at a hotel cleaning rooms and doing general maintenance, a woman was offered a job at a hotel in another city by the hotel owners. The owners told her that she could make more money at this hotel and not have to do cleaning. When the woman arrived, she was expected to work extremely long hours and to clean rooms. She was only paid sporadically in small amounts. Since she was far from home and had little money, she was afraid to leave her situation since she would become homeless. When she raised her concerns about the conditions to the owners, she was told that they would abandon her with nothing if she kept complaining."

Local Hotel Stories

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