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The billboard is shining a light to over 135,000 people each week!

Realizing that we have a problem is the first step to solve it. This billboard will be seen by over 7 million people during the full year that it'll be up. 135,832 people, weekly, will see that human trafficking happens in Southwest Louisiana and will see the National Human Trafficking Hotline. That's a lot of potential. To see what we mean, read some stories from the National Human Trafficking Hotline here.

Help us fund it. Become a monthly donor or you can also give a one time donation as well. In total, we need $500 monthly. If you'd like to meet in person to give, please call or text (337)476-9868. Thank you!

One-Time Donation

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Billboard Impact

Our billboard will impact our communities, our state and our country. We won't get to see most of the results. However, we are already able to see a few. We are going to list those here:

  1. We meet people who didn't know trafficking happened in SWLA before they saw our billboard/
  2. We were featured in a full page American Press article.
  3. One new Louisiana gas station will put up the National Human Trafficking Hotline Flyer. 
  4. We talked to city council members and other local leaders who saw our billboard and learned that it happens here.
  5. Because of our billboard, families of 2 survivors have reached out to us for help. We are currently walking with them through the process of healing and restoration.
  6. We were invited to do 2 radio interviews because of the sign.
  7.  Someone contacted us about a possible trafficking case in Sulphur. 
  8. Helped a grandmother whose granddaughter was being groomed by a predator. She heard us on a radio interview that we got because the DJ saw our billboard. 
  9. A nurse saw it and didn't realize that it happens here. She told her colleagues.
  10. A film crew member saw it and called us to report trafficking that he came across in another Louisiana town.
  11.  A family asked to help with a girl that was rescued from trafficking and had a hit placed on her.

*These are just some of the results we have seen. We can't imagine what results that we haven't about.

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